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We are Tyneside Heritage Vehicles; a group of individuals in the North East of England pursuing our hobby in saving and preserving some of our region's public transport vehicles.

The group was officially relaunched in August 2014 under the THV name and together we have been able to develop a collection of locally and nationally important buses as hobbyists in a hope to educate people about the world of bus preservation.

At over 16,000 square feet, our garage currently holds over 25 vehicles which range from; former Tyne and Wear PTE, Northern General, Northumbria Motor Services, Busways Travel Services to more further afield like Leicester, the West Midlands and Fife. THV owns six of these vehicles, with the others being privately owned by individuals and housed at our premise.

As you may know, bus preservation is a demanding and sometimes expensive hobby, therefore many of the vehicles are in the restoration process. However, with the buses that we do have on the road, including our fully restored ones, we regularly showcase them by attending some of the regions rally events.

Preservation Group

Tyneside Heritage Vehicles is a private not-for profit organisation which houses a historic collection of vintage buses. We are a bunch of like-minded people who have known each other for many years, with having met through work or other acquaintances. We all have some sort of bus connection, whether it is from working within the bus industry, being introduced by friends to the hobby or have always dreamed about owning a preserved vehicle. Most of us live in the Tyneside area and are regularly putting in a weekend's graft at our Felling facility.

The majority of the vehicles at THV once roamed the streets of the North East, with many restored in the iconic yellow PTE livery which people of the North East will remember fondly. We have vehicles which are fully preserved, but the majority are in the state of restoration which is what our hobby is all about. There are plenty undergoing extensive restoration work in order to make them street-worthy once again, restoring them to their former glory. Regardless, they are here and saved for generations to enjoy in the years to come.

All of the vehicles at THV are carefully stored, with respect given to each vehicle and its owner. There are many of us who have put in great time, effort and have made substantial financial sacrifices in order to save particular vehicles from going to scrap. The group has its own Committee which is made up of a number of individuals who actively drive to make THV grow and be the best it can amongst other preservation groups around the local area and across the country. Over the years, we have invested in our facilities to help assist each member in the restoration of their vehicle. As a group, we receive no external funding so it is rewarding to see how far THV has come since it was relaunched back in 2014.

Keeping the past alive for generations to come

Saving and Preserving

Our website has been created for enthusiasts and preservationists interested in the group's progress in bus preservation.

The vehicles stored at our premises consist of small midibuses, urban single-deckers and city double-deckers, with vehicle manufacture dates ranging from 1968 to 1994, showcasing the very best of bus industry in the 20th century and beyond. We also have various cars and vans stored at our facility that individuals have collected over the years - some old school and from the bygone era.

Over the years we have accumulated an extensive archive of local transport material including; bus bits, signs, timetables, magazines, photographs, and promotional material.


The rally season is that time of year when enthusiasts and preservationists celebrate the local heritage within the bus and coach industry. With more opportunities within the North East rally calendar than ever before, you can guarantee one of our vehicles popping up at a show near you.

To be one of the first to know about our outings, bookmark our Latest News page or find us on Facebook.

For a complete list of rallies in the North East, check out the North East Bus Preservation website: http://www.nebpt.co.uk/


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