693 E922KYR

693 / E922KYR

Fleet Number



E922 KYR




Leyland Olympian


Northern Counties

Body Number

NC 3286

Purchased new by

London Buses (Bexleybus )

Current livery

Judds of Wisbech

Entered Preservation



THV Group Owned


Initally intended for GM Buses Manchester, held as dealer stock and loaned to Bexleybus  Selkent operations, purchased by Busways, ex-Stagecoach Hull.

Vehicle Details

Vehicle Profile

E922KYR was one of twenty-eight Northern Counties bodied Leyland Olympians ordered by the Greater Manchester PTE for GM Buses prior to bus deregulation. They were for delivery in December 1987 and registered E901KYR to E928KYR.

In the years previously leading up to deregulation GM Buses overhauled their fleet. New bus orders were placed and several hundred vehicles were disposed of. But deregulation came around, the company back-tracked and became suddenly uncertain about how the bus industry would adjust in the coming years. When the PTE operations passed to Greater Manchester Buses Limited on 26th October 1986, vehicles were still filtering through from GM Buses’ ordering-spree, one such batch were these twenty-eight Northern Counties Olympians.

GM Buses decided to cancel the delivery of the Olympian order, but unfortunately for them the Olympians were already built, registered and sitting at Northern Counties pending delivery. But not to leave Northern Counties with an unwanted batch of deckers on their hands, GM Buses teamed up with the Anston dealer Kirkby Central in an attempt to find new owners. This resulted in the batch being leased to London Buses who surprisingly took on the entire twenty-eight for their new Bexleybus operation.

Bexleybus was a subsidiary of London Transport's Selkent business unit and established itself as a low-cost operator with the hope that reduced costs would allow them to be able to competitively bid for tenders. The services were run under contract to London Regional Transport from January 1988 until January 1991, when they failed to maintain routes when re-tendering occurred in January 1992. The NC-Olympians were returned to the dealer stockist where soon after seven were sold to Fareway in Merseyside and twenty-one were acquired by Busways where they were deployed into Byker, Slatyford and Sunderland.

Numbered 693, E922KYR entered service with Busways at Byker depot in May 1991 where it remained throughout its time with Newcastle. It carried City and Newcastle Busways liveries, as well as Stagecoach stripes during its Tyneside days. In April 1999, 693 transferred to Cleveland Transit’s Hull depot with its Busways sisters, where it was renumbered to 14922 and painted into Stagecoach swoops. Hull withdrew the Olympians from service from 2007 and 693 was purchased by Judds of Wisbech (Peterborough) who also took on E901/908/909/912 and 918.

On 16th April 2016, E922KYR was brought back to the North East for preservation.


Unit T3 Felling Business Centre

Green Lane, Gateshead

Tyne & Wear, NE10 0QH

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