1902 M902DRG

1902/ M902DRG

Fleet Number



M902 DRG




Volvo B10B-58


Alexander Strider

Body Number

Ar AF10/3093/5

Purchased new by

Busways Travel Services

Current livery


Entered Preservation





Demonstrator new to Busways, ex-Stagecoach

Vehicle Details

Vehicle Profile

1902 was new in 1994 and was one of 10 demonstration vehicles purchased by Busways at the time as part of a company trial, with a variety of body and chassis combinations.

Other vehicles trialled included the Scania L113CRL, which were delivered to Busways with Alexander Strider and Northern Counties Paladin bodywork. Dennis Lances were also acquired with Plaxton Verde and Optare Sigma bodies. 1902 was one of two B10B examples which carried the Alexander Strider body, the other being 1901 (M901DRG). These evaluation models were the final vehicles to be delivered in the yellow Busways livery.

1902 received the maroon colours of Newcastle Busways and was allocated to Byker. After a few months on trial with Byker, 1902 moved to Sunderland which was where its sister B10B 1901 was. In exchange, Byker received one of the Scania Strider evaluation vehicles in the form of 954 (M954DRG). 1902 operated in the Newcastle Busways livery in Sunderland for some time but eventually saw a repaint into Stagecoach Busways stripes. Before its next transfer, 1902 and sister 1901 were painted into the new Stagecoach corporate swoop livery and in November 2002 both moved to Newcastle where they entered service with Walkergate. The national fleet renumbering saw 1902 become 21002 and it received Newcastle fleet names.

July 2003 saw both vehicles transferred to South Shields, with them becoming regulars on the Economic services. Following on from the Carlisle floods in 2005, sister 1901 was transferred to Carlisle and afterwards to Stagecoach Yorkshire. It is thought that due to a minor road traffic accident, 1902 was unable to help out in Cumbria.

1902 was saved for preservation in August 2011 and is being restored to its original condition of a Newcastle Busways bus.


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